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About us

Stoke Ash Baptist Church was established on June 24th 1805 when approx. 30 of members from Diss, Horham and Stowmarket Baptist churches were set apart to form a new church in the village. Over the last 211 years the work has been maintained by many faithful christians and today people of all ages are involved.




The purpose of the church


This church is a company of born-again believers in the Lord Jesus Christ who have covenanted together as a fellowship. The purpose of the church is to:

  • provide for the united worship of God through prayer and praise

  • nurture Christians through preaching, teaching and care

  • be witnesses to the Gospel of Jesus Christ locally, nationally and worldwide

  • set a good example to the those around us through holy living


What we believe


We affirm our belief:

  • in one, triune (3 part) God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit

  • in God as the only creator and sustainer of life

  • in the full inspiration by God of the whole Bible

  • that man was originally created righteous in the image of God but is now fallen and sinful and therefore excluded from Heaven

  • that God in His mercy has chosen by His grace to save people and restore their relationship with Him and their right to Heaven

  • that Jesus Christ is the mediator between God and man

  • in justification (being made 'right') through faith

  • that people must be converted (turned around) by the power of the Holy Spirit in order to believe in Christ and be saved

  • in the indwelling of every believer by the Holy Spirit from that moment of conversion.

  • that Jesus Christ is the head of the universal church which comprises all true believers in every age

  • that every christian should display God's grace in their life through observing baptism (by immersion in water, once only) and sharing in the Lord's supper (regularly) and through holy living

  • that each local church has been commissioned to preach the gospel of Jesus

  • in the 'bodily' return of the Lord Jesus Christ to this world at some future point in history

  • that singing is a God-ordained means of praising His great and holy name

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